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About Buried Cane Wines

Washington State wine country has warm sunny summers and cold frosty winters. One time-honored practice to protect grape vines from damaging cold is to bury low-growing vine canes. These buried canes can be unearthed after winter freezes pass, assuring a grape harvest in the following season.

Buried Cane wines are named after this time-honored Washington State practice.

What’s a “Buried Cane?”

It's a cold-climate winegrowing technique. A green-growing vine cane is pulled down and buried in the vine row. This protects it from a hard freeze that might kill the parent vine to the ground. If that happens, the buried cane can be unburied and trained up to replace the freeze-killed parent vine.

Why call a wine Buried Cane?

We're a Washington State (Columbia Valley, to be precise) winery. It gets cold here in winter and, once or twice each decade, we have to deal with a vine-killing freeze. And some vineyards do bury canes (especially those that have the most valuable grapes … burying and un-burying canes is a lot of work).

Buried Cane is a tip-of-the-cap to the place that makes our wines. Real Northwest style.

And, since our wines are very reasonably priced: Real American value.

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